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From the time you first enter DeLuke Orthodontics we hope you’ll feel welcome and know it’s a place where you and your family will be right at home. From our reception area to the treatment area, DeLuke Orthodontics in Schenectady, NY  is all about excellence – but we want it to feel more like visiting friends in their home than a typical doctor’s office. The kids can play video games or watch a movie; the biggest complaint is that we run on time, so patients don’t have enough time to play! If you’re an adult, grab a coffee, read a magazine or check your emails; we hope that our office is always a place where you can catch your breath and catch up with friends.

Dr. Mike, as he is known to his patients, is passionate about orthodontics, and truly believes he can change your life with his unique and progressive approach to orthodontic treatment. He is a 3rd generation dental care provider who knew from a very early age that he wanted to be an orthodontist.

Just because he appears young doesn’t mean he hasn’t been preparing  for your smile for many years. His intensive training and knowledge of facial growth and development have benefited thousands of patients in the Schenectady area. You can be confident that his experience will make your experience better.

One Smile At A Time.

About Us

At DeLuke Orthodontics, our mission is changing lives. We see this happen every day. Our team works together to create beautiful smiles in a warm, friendly and supportive environment. We truly feel that every patient is a member of our extended family. Our office is set in a beautiful, historic Victorian home, but everything you’ll find inside is state-of-the-art and designed to make your time in treatment an experience as extraordinary as the day your final smile is revealed.

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Meet Our Patients

There’s no better way to explore the difference having a DeLuke Orthodontics Smile can make than by hearing from people who’ve already been through the process. None of the patients you’ll meet in these videos were compensated for sharing their story. We hope you’ll enjoying meeting them as much as we enjoy knowing them.

The DeLuke DifferenceYou Can See It In Our Smiles

TRANSFORMATIONS Patient Before & After Smiles

Treatment Options

Treatment for Children Early, interceptive treatment, growth and guidance.

Treatment for Children

Orthodontic Treatment for ChildrenWhile there is no wrong age for orthodontic treatment, Dr. DeLuke believes the optimum age for children to be evaluated for treatment is between the ages of 3 and 9. This makes it possible for Dr. DeLuke to diagnose tooth, jaw and airway problems and determine the best time for treatment. If indicated, early treatment allows us to:

  • Correct and guide the growth of your child’s jaw to help the permanent teeth come in straight
  • Regulate the width of the upper and lower arches
  • Create more space for crowded teeth
  • Avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions later in life
  • Correct thumb-sucking and help improve minor speech problems

In many cases, Dr. DeLuke will recommend holding off on the decision to put your child in treatment until they have all their adult teeth. In those cases, we will see your child, free of charge, once a year to track his/her growth and address any issues that develop as your child grows.

Treatment for Teens Great options to fit adolescents and teens.

Treatment for Teens

Between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common time for orthodontic treatment. There are advantages  to using this period of rapid growth as part of the orthodontic process to position the teeth and jaws correctly. It’s also a time when self-esteem related to appearance is important, so braces are often a welcome addition. Many kids even see it as a rite of passage. We love it when teens see their friends here and can even come for after school appointments together.DeLuke-teen-orthodontics

Whether you and your teen choose metal braces, clear braces or Invisalign, we’ll be with you every step of the way. At DeLuke Orthodontics we understand all the stresses of parenting a teenager. You worry about their grades, their social life, their self-esteem and a lot of other things. So while you worry about all that, let us worry about their smile and the confidence it brings.

Treatment for Adults Great options to fit every adult's style and life.

Treatment for Adults

Adult-Orthodontics-DeLukeThere are lots of reasons adults seek orthodontic treatment. Maybe you didn’t wear your retainer after having orthodontics when you were a kid. Or maybe orthodontics wasn’t available to you when you were younger and now you want to make yourself a priority. Or maybe you have periodontal or airway issues that can be helped by realigning the teeth and jaws.

No matter the reason, Dr. DeLuke has lots of experience treating adults and giving them great results in the least amount of time. We’ve got plenty of options including clear braces, lingual braces (hidden behind the teeth on the tongue side) and Invisalign, and will help you  find one to suit your look and your lifestyle. We also have the latest technology for accelerating treatment, Acceledent, a device that can get you that great smile faster than ever before.

Don’t let another minute go by wishing your smile could be different. Call us today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. Dr. DeLuke will spend time getting to know you, your concerns and discuss solutions. It’s a great no pressure way to find out what orthodontics can do for you. And there’s no dental referral required.

Invisalign When you want straighter teeth without letting the whole world know.


Invisalign® straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of clear, customized, removable aligners. It’s virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know that you’re straightening your teeth.

The Invisalign System combines advanced 3-D computer technology with the 100-year-old science of orthodontics. In the hands of a specialist like Dr. DeLuke, the results can seem lInvisalign ike magic!

Once you’ve decided on Invisalign treatment, we’ll use our 3-D scanner to capture a precise 3-D image of your teeth. It’s easy; no more impressions! After sending Dr. DeLuke’s detailed treatment instructions along with your images, Invisalign uses advanced computer technology to translate these instructions into a sequence of finely calibrated aligners.

Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and only taken out to eat, brush and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next, your teeth will begin to move gradually — week-by-week until the final alignment prescribed is attained. Then you’ll be smiling like you never have before!

At your consultation visit, Dr. DeLuke will determine if this treatment is an effective option for you. To see if Invisalign can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, schedule your initial visit to our office today!

Invisalign Teen

Let Invisalign Teen help perfect your smile using clear aligners so your teenage memories can be captured with confidence. Invisalign Teen aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. You can still eat and drink what you want. Also, you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth, and there are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasions. School is hard enough, smiling while you’re in orthodontic treatment can be easy!


Amazing Technology Big city technology with small town friendly service.

Amazing Technology

We are fortunate to have the latest technology available to enhance our patient care. And while technology will never take the place of the human touch, Dr. DeLuke uses these systems along with highly personalized care to increase efficiency and precision for great results. This means your appointments are faster, there are less frequent adjustment appointments and your treatment time is less than orthodontic treatment has been in the past.

Our i-Cat 3-D Imaging System provides precisely accurate 3D views to analyzeRecords Room DeLuke teeth, roots, TMJ, airway, and sinuses without magnification or distortion in less than 5 seconds. Our machine produces a super low-radiation 3D digital scan, as we have the only machine in the world that can take a full 3D scan for less radiation tiCat 3-D Scanhan traditional 2D x-rays. 

With more information than is rendered from a more traditional x-ray, Dr. DeLuke is able to provide treatment that creates more than just a pretty smile. Use of the I-Cat enables Dr. DeLuke to evaluate the patient’s airway and look for constricted airways that can cause sleep disorders that may impact brain development, learning abilities, and energy and attention levels. These scans also give a better view of the jaw joint (TMJ) and unerupted teeth.


Our TRIOS Scanners and in-house 3D print lab mean no more icky impressions!!!
Yes, that’s correct; at DeLuke Orthodontics, we DO NOT TAKE IMPRESSIONS!!!  With this amazing technology, we are able to convert a laser scan of your teeth into a 3D model of your mouth.  This “virtual” model can then be used to make appliances such as Invisalign® and retainers.  So not only is there no more gooey, messy impression material, but appliances fit better due to the accuracy of 3D technology, further enhancing treatment accuracy and patient comfort! Just sit back, relax and watch a movie while our specially trained clinicians scan your teeth!




The Soft Tissue Laser is an exciting enhancement to treatment at DeLuke Orthodontics. It can be used to painlessly remove or reshape gum tissue or uncover tooth structure. It can be used to expose teeth that have not erupted, reshape gums to treat a gummy smile along with braces, and remove the frenum that might be causing a gap between your front teeth. While the laser is not used for every orthodontic patient, Dr. DeLuke is able to provide this solution when needed so that it’s fast, comfortable and convenient.

AcceleDent provides accelerated treatment to patients who want to spend less time in Invisalign® or in braces. AcceleDent® is designed to work along with conventional orthodontic treatment to accelerate tooth movement. It was proven to move teeth up to 50% faster in a U.S. clinical trial.

AcceleDent is a hands-free device, used daily for a recommended 20 minutes, during which patients can simultaneously carry out routine tasks, such as reading, watching TV, texting, or using a computer or tablet. Its exclusive

SoftPulse Technology™, which generates small vibrations (or micropulses), has been reported to make the orthodontic treatment not only faster, but also more comfortable.

All of these technologies are awesome tools in Dr. DeLuke’s hands. With them, he is able to provide every patient with their optimal occlusion and best smile – specifically customized to their face. The results are faster and more personalized than ever before.

Life With Braces Helpful info about what to do and what to eat while in braces.

Life With Braces

Let’s be honest; braces can be a little weird when you get started. We guarantee that you’ll adapt pretty quickly and we’ll be here to support you all the way!

Caring for your braces - DeLuke
What to Expect with Braces

Brushing Tips

Oral Hygiene for Comprehensive Treatment 

Oral Hygiene for Phase 1


It is very important to floss between your teeth every day. We realize that regular dental floss can be difficult to use even for patients without braces, so we recommend that our patients use flossers to help make flossing easier! Floss at night to make sure your teeth are squeaky clean before you go to bed. When you first begin flossing, your gums may bleed a little. If the bleeding does not go away after the first few times, please notify a clinical team member at your next appointment.


For the most part, you’ll be able to eat many of the same foods you’ve eaten before.  The general rule is to avoid things that are hard, sticky, gummy or chewy, to prevent breaking the bond that holds the brackets to the teeth.  When you first have your braces placed and after some of your adjustment appointments, your teeth may be sore for a couple days. Eating softer foods will help get you over the hurdle!

Eating With Braces List

Dealing With the Unexpected

True orthodontic emergencies are rare, but when they do occur, we are available. If you have a problem with your orthodontic appliances, please call us to report the issue. If it’s during regular office hours our team will be happy to assist you. Should it occur after hours, please leave a message for our team and we will return your call when we are back in the office. If the issue is causing the patient to be in pain, please activate the emergency line to page Dr. DeLuke.

Sometimes you may be able to fix the problem yourself. We’ve provided a link to a printable guide below. After alleviating your discomfort, it is very important that you still call our office to report the issue to our team. Allowing your appliance to remain damaged for an extended period of time may result in disruptions in your treatment plan.

Handling Issues with your Orthodontic Appliances  



Get Started

Our team is dedicated to making sure that your first visit is not only comfortable but also fun! Starting on the road to orthodontic treatment should be exciting, so we'll give you all the information you need to feel comfortable with your decision. We love questions, so don't hesitate to ask about anything we haven't answered during your visit! During your initial consultation, we’ll gather information and take diagnostic records, including digital photos, digital x-rays, and 3D digital scans. This information is used by Dr. DeLuke to create a comprehensive analysis and if indicated, a plan for treatment. We'll discuss all the treatment options available to you so that you can choose a treatment option that fits your look and lifestyle.

We'll also give you information about our affordable payment plans. At DeLuke Orthodontics, we believe that finances should not get in the way of a great smile. We'll work with you to customize your own payment plan so you'll have the peace of mind of knowing your plan matches your unique financial situation. We're exclusive providers in the area of Ortho-Fi patient financing; you'll be able to find the payment plan that's right for you, and payments can be extended beyond the length of treatment if needed. If you're eligible for orthodontic benefits under your insurance plan, we will help you with this as well. View the video below for a quick overview of what you’ll experience at your first visit to DeLuke Orthodontics.

Before you come to our office for your initial exam, please click the OrthoFi link below to fill out the required new patient forms. It only takes a few minutes and enables us to help you get the maximum value out of your consultation with Dr. DeLuke.

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